Tucson Gourmet Hotdogs by The Loaded Dawg

The best Gourmet hotdogs in Tucson!

When asked “what would bring peace, joy and unity to the world” the wise man quickly responded- “An amazingly delicius hotdawg would most likely do it”  A Very Wise Man

Gourmet Hotdogs by The Loaded Dawg

Now I’m not sure that gourmet hotdogs will solve the world’s greatest problems- but… they sure are fun to eat.

Hello and thank you for visiting “The Loaded Dawg”, home of the ultimate gourmet hotdog. Now it’s true that there are a lot of gourmet hotdogs out there to choose from, and some really good ones. Here at “The Loaded Dawg” we believe that no matter how much “gourmet” that you throw at the hotdog it still, bottom line, starts and ends with the hotdog. Because almost everybody, even us gourmet hotdog lovers, sometimes all we want is a great hotdog on a bun with mustard on it. That’s why when the wise man said to “The Loaded Dawg” …”Loaded Dawg- my friend- the foundation for greatness lies in an all-beef jumbo hotdog” Wise Man. We listened. So every time that you bite into one of our loaded dawgs, you will be sinking your teeth into a delicious 100 % all-beef jumbo Hebrew National hotdog.

When we pressed the wise man for more wisdom he quietly whispered “Loaded Dawg- my friend- Grill ‘em”.  Wise Man. Again we listened. All of our Loaded Dawgs are grilled. Whether you are having a simple mustard dog or the crowd pleasing “Russtler” or any of our other gourmet hotdogs, you can rest assured… that dawg is grilled.

As the wise man walked off into the hills he shouted back over his shoulder, “Loaded Dawg- my friend- you must always use a great bun” Wise Man. Then he just walked away. Well we took that advice too so all our gourmet hotdogs use a great bun!

So please visit “The Loaded Dawg” sometime. You will find a great selection of gourmet hotdogs, ice-cold drinks and someone who is always thankful that you stopped by.

See you soon,

“The Loaded Dawg”


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Update: The last time that I saw the wise man, he just appeared out of no-where at dinner time(I know- right)?. I will never forget what he said. “Loaded Dawg- my friend- you must always be where your Peeps can find you”. Wise Man. So check the “The Loaded Dawg” news tab and find out where we are and which events we will be participating at next- then put them on your calendar.

Thanks again- can’t wait to see you,

“The Loaded Dawg”     (A.K.A.-  Russell M.)


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